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Program Transfers/Takeover Tooling

The decision to move molds and tooling is never an easy one, especially if it comes at a late point, carrying with it the need for a rapid transition and a flawless start-up.

Deimling has been the recipient of many program transfers and has the experience needed to assure that even high stress moves end with quality parts delivered without production interruptions.

One recent program transfer involved multiple molds used in the manufacture of consumer healthcare packaging. Our commitment to the customer was to manage a successful transfer during the peak product usage period. We met customer release dates from day one.

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During a brief production slowdown, we obtained customer permission to reduce part weights by thinning wall section, while at the same time incorporating engineering changes which would significantly improve part robustness and quality. In addition, Deimling presented the customer with alternative plastic resins that both met customer specifications and reduced part cost. In the end, our customer realized a $490,000 annual savings and received a significantly improved product.

The same strategies have been applied to program transfers involving complex multi-part assemblies involving molded and purchased components and requiring joining, bonding and decoration.

We have detailed the basic steps needed for a successful program transfer in our Program Transfer Guidelines sheet. Feel free to contact us for a copy.
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